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Thursday, September 13, 2007

MacDrive 7 Looks Promising

Many of you have had the chance to read my earlier posts about accessing the mac partition while running in Vista mode. The product I have been testing is HFSExplorer. Although this solution got me to the point of being able to read the Mac files, I really wanted the ability to write to the Mac partition as well.

For the past few days I have been evaluating MacDrive 7. This creates a connection to the Mac partition that supports both reading and writing of files, and even works graphically via drag and drop. This is not freeware, but at approx $60, it looks like a very solid solution.

Update: MacDrive 7 worked flawlessly in all of my trial and error testing. Once the five (5) day eval expired, which MacDrive will remind you of very often until uninstalled or licensed, I decided to buy the product. While the product is approx $50 as a download, I was able to purchase from Amazon for $40, with free shipping. This adds the bonus of leaving me with the actual media in the event of a reinstall.

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